• Leading provider of commercial real estate services in Norway

    We have expertise in the management of all types of buildings and segments.

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Aker Eiendomsdrift is responsible for management, operations, maintenance and rental agreements of about 70 commercial real estate properties. Aker works on behalf of the property owners, and the services include administrative, financial, technical and legal, in addition to project and construction management in rehabilitations and reconstructions. The current portfolio of buildings under management has an estimated value of NOK 4 billion.


Working in a fast paced and dynamic industry, we have to perform at the highest level, and at the same time gather and use information to leverage new opportunities and solutions.

Our values are summed up in the word “LYNOR” in Norwegian. We strive to employ and adhere to these values on a daily basis in our actions and decisions.

Our properties

Aker Eiendomsdrift manages a portfolio of approximately 70 properties, with total rental income of more than NOK 400 million. We manage properties across the country, but most of the portfolio is located in central eastern Norway. We have expertise in the management of all types of buildings and segments, and take care of the owner's responsibility within trade, office, warehouse and combination properties.

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