The spread of COVID-19 is impacting businesses and economies worldwide. NRP has implemented home office for all its employees. At the time of writing, no employees are known to have contracted the virus and we are fully operative and available for our investors, clients and tenants. 


As for our investments, we are currently assessing each and every investment. Adequate liquidity is our primary priority. 


Looking ahead, thereā€™s a vast amount of uncertainty. We are closely monitoring the situation as a whole and specifically the economic measures put forward in the Nordic countries, as well as the market factors that typically have the biggest impact. We aim to communicate continuously with all our stakeholders in order to maintain operations, revenue and serve our stakeholdersĀ“ need for information in the best possible way. 


We are currently taking active measures to ensure viable solutions in the short term and safeguard our assets in the long term. We encourage you to reach out by email or phone if you have any doubts or concerns.