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    Authorised accounting firm with focus on investment companies and funds, real estate and shipping companies. Approved as depositary for AIF’s by the Norwegian FSA

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NRP Procurator AS is an authorised accounting firm providing services such as accountancy, corporate management, tax and corporate advisory, outsourcing of financial management and depositary services. The company is the result of a merger between NRP Business Management AS and AS Procurator that took place in August 2017. The company has a long and solid history as AS Procurator was founded in 1983, and NRP in 2000.

The company currently consists of more than 60 employees with broad experience and competence within the above-mentioned areas. We take pride in being a competent, proactive, service-minded and accurate partner for our business partners.

The company mainly delivers services to investment companies, funds, real estate- and shipping companies, and we are one of the leading accountancy and corporate management firms in Norway within these industries.

The company can also contribute with advisory related to tax and corporate law, mergers and demergers, restructuring and establishment of new entities, due diligence, inheritance and generational changes etc.

Since January 2015, the company has had permission from the Norwegian FSA (Finanstilsynet) to act as depositary for certain Alternative Investment Funds (AIF’s).

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  • Accounting, Salary, Statutory accounts

    Daily operations are often most important.

    NRP Procurator AS is an authorised accounting firm with efficient assignment routines. All employees are well qualified within accounting procedures and possess comprehensive and relevant work experience from various business activities. Our services include ordinary accounting services, remittance services, public reporting, periodical statements, tax returns and statutory accounts. The services rendered are adjusted to the needs, size and activities of our clients. All assignments are monitored by an employee and a group leader responsible for the assignments to ensure availability for our clients.

  • Management for investors and privately held investment companies

    Taking care of family business

    Management for investors and privately held investment companies has always been one of the core services rendered by Procurator. Our services are coordinated with the owners and the board of directors and are executed according to decisions made by the board. Management services are always kept within the mandate given by the customer. We present complete summaries of all kinds of investments, including gains and losses on a monthly basis or as often as the clients request the reports. We report on a company level, prepare tax returns and statutory accounts, including consolidation whenever necessary, attend to all formalities such as minutes and protocols and assist the owners with their private tax returns. Privately held investment companies develop over time resulting in new challenges and demand for our services. New generations are gradually taking over, investments must be reorganised into separate companies and holding companies may be established. We ensure succession processes and that restructurings are carried out as cost efficient and optimal as possible; through spin-offs, mergers, establishment of holding companies or single purpose companies.

  • Financial analysis, budgeting and private reporting

    Always present

    Many clients request our competence insupervision of the running operations. By close supervision through budgeting, reporting and analysis, the operations may be optimised and adjusted to meet new conditions for the enterprise. We participate as a discussion partner in the establishment of strategic and financial objectives, preparation of budgets as well as the supervision through reporting and analysis.

  • Tax, tax return and tax planning

    Minimize tax on all business levels

    We may assist in organising company structures to achieve minimum taxes on all levels. In case of equity transactions, initiated by a succession process or some other structural adjustment, we may assist in the implementation and evaluation of tax positions to prevent errors that may trigger extra taxes. We may also assist our clients with their private tax returns and other tax related issues.

  • Inheritance and change in ownership

    New times - new challenges

    Future generations may be involved in the family business. Their involvement could be implemented by thorough planning. Many questions arise; How and when should this happen? Who will be in charge after the process? Should the new generation get access to the values? Should activities or investments be split? What about tax matters? There are several problems and issues to consider. We have been through succession processes for our clients and also collaborate with external advisors whenever necessary.

  • Corporate management for shipping investments facilitated by NRP

    NRP facilitates direct investments within shipping and offshore. The investments are facilitated with different company structure, such as AS, KS andDIS in Norway. NRP Procurator AS is responsible for the business management of all these investment companies. As a business manager, NRP Procurator AS conducts a wide range of tasks, such as accounting, budgeting, investor relations, arranging board meetings, financial statements and tax returns, dialogues with external accountants, lawyers, lenders and publicservices, tax and tax assessments, establishing of new entities, capital changes, restructuring, liquidation etc.

    The business manager works closely with the board, responsible asset manager, and investors when it comes to administration amanagement of the companies.

  • Corporate management for shipping and real estate funds managed by NRP

    NRP facilitates and manages investment funds within shipping, offshore and real estate. NRP Procurator AS is responsible for business management and company related administration of these funds.

    As business manager, NRP Procurator AS conducts a wide range of tasks, such as accounting, budgeting, investor relations, arranging board meetings, financial statements and tax returns, dialogue with external accountants, lawyers, lenders and public services, tax and tax assessments, establishing of new entities, capital changes, restructuring, liquidation etc.

  • Accountancy and corporate management for real estate companies

    NRP Procurator AS has extensive experience within real estate and offers business management for real estate companies.

    The service includes bookkeeping, remittances, billing of rent and joint costs, settlement of joint costs, running updates on tenants, adjustment of rentals, tax assessments for tenants etc. In addition, NRP Procurator AS can assist real estate owners with financial statements and tax assessments for holding companies, board meetings, budgeting and company documentations. NRP Procurator AS also has extensive experience with transactions, purchase price calculations and settlement.

    NRP Procurator AS works closely with real estate owners and managers for different properties. Together they ensure the best interest for the owners when it comes to managing the properties.

  • Depositary for certain Alternative Investment Funds (AIF)

    NRP Procurator AS was January 28th appointed as a depositary for certain AIFs by the Norwegian FSA.

    The function of a depositary is to take care of the investors best interests and involves several tasks. The most important tasks are:

    • Controlling the cash flow in the fund.
    • Overviewing the fund’s assets.
    • Monitoring agreements for the funds, including making sure the funds follow their investment strategy as stated in the prospectus.

    NRP Procurator AS has through our services and employees attained competence and experience that lays a solid foundation to fulfill our responsibilities as a depositary. NRP Procurator AS currently holds 10 depositary assignments for different AIF, mainly within shipping and real estate.

    We have established excellent routines and frameworks to execute these assignments, as well as routines for reporting to the Norwegian FSA.

    Head of depositary in NRP Procurator AS is Anne Aspelin. She has been with NRP since 2011, and has extensive experience as a business manager for a broad range of investment companies. She has previously been with Gambak, Alfred Berg and ABG. She has also been head of compliance in previous positions and has good knowledge of the requirements from the Norwegian FSA.

    NRP Procurator AS wants to expand within this field of services. If appointment of depositary is relevant, do not hesitate to contact:

    Ole Joachim Jonstag, CEO of NRP Procurator AS:
    Phone: +47 920 57 545
    Email: oj@nrp.no

    Anne Aspelin, Head of Depositary
    Phone: +47 23 11 78 49
    Email: anne.aspelin@nrp.no

  • Corporate structure, mergers, demergers and establishing new entities

    The important decisions

    We assist our clients in optimizing corporate structures whether this may be mergers, demergers, establishment of new companies, transformations or liquidations. We prepare the necessary documentation and ensure that all formalities are taken care of and all tax consequences discussed. We collaborate with experienced external advisors whenever necessary to obtain quality assurance for our work.

  • IFRS, simplified IFRS

    Companies listed on the Stock Exchange are required to apply IFRS as an accounting standard. Other companies use simplified IFRS (voluntary) to highlight their assets in long-term investments in reporting purposes. IFRS are large and complex with frequent updates of standards. This requires substantial additional expertise. We assist our clients in both IFRS as finance director’s extended arm and with full IFRS reporting in Norwegian, as well as in English.

  • Outsourcing of financial management

    We render what we know best - Financial management services

    Outsourcing of the financial management usually increase the efficiency for small and middle sized companies. Our employees engaged in financial management outsourcing possess adequate experience from previous executive positions within business administration and audit. Hence, we may render services as financial partner or chief financial officer (CFO). We focus on financials and reporting, and take command within the financial operations.


We are accurate with our numbers and precise in our communication.

Our values are summed up in the word “LYNOR” in Norwegian. We strive to employ and adhere to these values on a daily basis in our actions and decisions.

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