• «The best alternative investment manager in the Nordics»

    «The best alternative investment manager in the Nordics»

    Galdhøpiggen (2469 meters above sea level) is the tallest summit on the Nordic mainland.

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Ness, Risan & Partners AS is an independent and privately owned investment firm. Our clients include family offices, private investors, investment companies, foundations, trusts and institutional investors. NRP offers direct investment and fund solutions within the real estate, shipping and offshore sectors.

Who we are

NRP consists of one securities firm and two AIFM, both licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway, one authorized accounting firm, which has the permission from the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway to act as depositary for AIF’s. NRP also includes a property management company. In addition NRP offers investors corporate finance services, private and public placements, project financing, asset management, corporate management, accounting services and real estate management.

The company was founded in 2000 by Christian Ness and Ragnvald Risan, and currently counts about 100 employees.


Ness, Risan & Partners was established in September 2000. In 20 years NRP has grown from one company and three people to six companies comprising 107 professionals – all being part of the NRP Group.

NRP buys logistics property in Oslo

We are pleased to announce the acquisition and delivery of a 11.000 sq. m logistics- and office property north of Oslo.


We shall be confident in our skill set and our solutions, but always value the input and knowledge of our clients, partners, colleagues and competitors. With managing great wealth comes great responsibility.

Our values are summed up in the word “LYNOR” in Norwegian. We strive to employ and adhere to these values on a daily basis in our actions and decisions.

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